Incredible LED Message T-Shirt

Incredible LED Message T-Shirt. Switched on, anything you write, doodle or draw on the E-sketch’s ‘lightboard’ will be instantly converted into an eyecatching glowing design. The controller lets you cycle through the light patterns for maximum artistic impact. Choose from a range of lighting sequences including soft pulsing, glowing, bright flashing, phasing, strobing as well as steady on features. The flexible wipe-clean panel lights from beneath – as soon as pen touches panel – using state-of-the-art EL (electroluminescent) technology. It’s powered by a compact, lightweight battery pack, cleverly concealed in the hem of the shirt. It runs on 2 x AAA batteries. The E-sketch Tee Will work with any neon color highlighter – any highlighter pen or dry erase marker will work on the panel so you can use any color you want! The Shirt must be hand washed: to do so is easy! Wipe panel clean at any time with a damp (not wet) paper towel. To wash the shirt simply detach the control box wire from the back of the panel and Carefuly hand wash the garment avoiding as much water exposure as possible to the panel. If water get on the panel don’t freak! Just pat the wet area dry with a cloth before leaving the shirt to air dry. Graffiti shirts are 100% durable cotton (except for the high-tech bits) and contain high quality EL electrical components. Perfect for parties, club nights, stag dos, gigs, raves and festivals, Illumatic’s Graffiti T-Shirt is a great attention grabber and a cool conversation starter. You can change your message / motif as often as you like and get your friends to try their hand at t-shirt design after a few drinks. What better way to show your artistic talents or get your message across? Light up your lyrics and let your artwork shine… Innovative and stylish light-up message board t shirt Create and illuminate your own writing, drawings and motifs Bright, high-quality detachable EL chest panel 100% durable black cotton (except electronics) Lightweight removable battery pack Panel is compatable with any neon color highlighter or dry erase pen Looks smart in the daytime and wicked at night


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