Mega Animated Raving Pot Leaf Shirt

Mega Animated Raving Pot Leaf Shirt Image displaying one of the EIGHT awesome movement patterns this design cycles through! This amazing animated Mega Herb T-Shirt has a huge sewn-on pot leaf in the center of the chest! The flexible design feels somewhat like a thick iron-on transfer. Comes with a custom tiny driver unit that automatically cycles through 8 animation patterns. The Herb design is a huge 8″ wide x 7″ height. Simply remove the driver unit and cables from the inside of the shirt before washing. Drivers use 2 easily-replaceable AAA batteries. Handling and CARE instructions Your shirt comes with a 7 day money back guarantee against DOA or shipping damage. To get the most life from your new shirt make sure and follow these instructions: Care instructions: Washing: Detach controller from EL Panel by unplugging the cord near the panel in the inside of the shirt and gently hand wash and hang up to dry. Handling: Please try not bend the EL panel dramatically or it will damage some of the lights.



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