Kikwear Jeans


Stand out with Kikwear Jeans
When the EDM scene flourished with Rave, the era asked for something more the than just regular wear jeans. This is when the fashion cycles began to turn and there was a dire need to have those loose fitted super cool pants. you ask? Well, the Rave and EDM scene came back and stronger than ever. This was the time when people were looking for something more expressive, in a casual sense. Then came the era of Kikwears and it refuses to die.

Why Choose Kikwear Jeans

It would be a lie to say that these are selling because of any other factor more than this one. We bring you the most comfortable designs and styles that are not easy to find. Check out our
Kikwear Unisex 28” Bottom Pants which come with the ultra cool wideleg skater pants design.Call them baggy denim skater pants, but they are everything sexy. This one is unique as it is made of supreme brown denim twill which makes it stand out and give it the most comfortable texture too.

There’s no rocket science require to wash these styles and designs. Be it our khakis or the super soft Super White Deluxe 38″ which are come with double contrast stitching and ultra soft fabric for extra comfort.There’s no special effort required to wash these are they are 100 percent machine washable.

Khaki Touch
Our best selling cargo pant, the Kikwear Khaki pant is made of soft microsuede material that which makes these phat pants the bestsellers. Fir instance, our khakis come with 23″ cuff which works magic for those who love something utterly loose and comfortable. And there are more options to explore here in this category.


What sizes are available in this category?
Everything from 28 inches waist to 44 is easily available. You can check out for any size you want.

Can it be returned?
That depends on the condition it is being returned in and the reason why it is being given back. The idea is to give you perfect products to ensure there’s no issue later.

Is the material durable?
We take full responsibility of our stuff and give you nothing but the best. This is why we come up with material that is long lasting and perfect.

Are these latest styles?
You will never find an outdated style here on this website. We only make the best products with the team of experts who keep a watch on the market at all times.

There’s nothing as cool as having a relaxing pair of Kikwears. Whether you are just going out for a chilled out evening with friends or just having some fun at a party, these are always trending. These are comfort pants you’d want in all seasons and for most occasions.