Unisex UFO Pants


Fly High with UFO Pants
Talk about concepts that are cutting edge, UFO designs are like none other. They are usually inspired by street trends and military. Classics in their own right, these are great for comfort. Wear them to just about any place from a music concert, band practice, art exhibit or just about anything. Our UFO pants take inspiration from global trends. They are as cool as pants can get. They are oversized, comfortable and perfect when worn with the right kind of accessories. When you want a comfortable fashion statement this is a great choice. These pants have been around much before the rave scene started happening. And there’s so much to love about them.

Why choose UFO pants

If you are looking for UFO pants, you can start by looking at a fusion of contemporary and militaristic styles. We have created various styles over the years. And they have been so loved by ravers around the world—thanks to their comfort and style.

Perfect To Go
These pants come in hundreds of colours. And talk about perfect go-to pants for the everyday raver, these are perfect. Most of these come with a loose comfortable fit. They are usually featured with a drawstring waist. Our Red Two Tone pants are made of 65% polyester and rest is mostly cotton (35%). These are completely machine- washable. The Red with black patches on the knees look really cool and make them a perfect wear for a quick plan. The pockets are secure and there’s oodles of style. Wear them to a trek or a chilled out get together with a friend and they can look smashing hot, if paired with the right Tees and accessories.

These are great options when it comes to something expandable. Another cool thing is that many of these patterns are unisex. They come with drawstrings and you can reduce the wide bottom to a more narrow pattern and get the look you want. The cool part is, some of these can expand from 22” to a lot more. Take for instance our UFO Unisex Basic Strappy Pants, where each leg has 5 strap rings.You can decide how to wear the straps. You can either wrap them around your leg, wear all four on one side, or none.

Slim Fit
There are some options that totally rule the roost with their impeccable style. These are options like out Famous unisex UFO Cantiene Pants. These are made of the softest fabric you will fall in love with.They are machine washable too. These are cargos but do no have any flaps on the pockets which give you sexier, more chilled out look. These are the kind of styles that make you slimmer too.


How do I know which style is the best for me?
It depends on the kind of clothes you usually wear. Are you the kind to go with cool pants with broad bottoms. Or would you prefer something more slim fitted. There are options for all kinds of users. It totally depends on the fits and occasion you are looking for.

How much do they cost?
It again depends on the product you are choosing. That being said, we assure you, you won’t find anything too expensive here.

How do I wash them?
There’s nothing special you need to protect their quality, you can simple wash them with your regular laundry without worrying about losing their fabric strength.

There are many kinds of options out there. What’s the point of being so uptight and boring when you have these UFO pants to kick in some fun in your wardrobe. Check out some of the best options here and know more about who to wear them right.